Using Zoom to run our courses

Who knew that online training could be so engaging and interactive, not to mention cost-effective! Like everyone else in these changing times, here at the Archilime Academy we have further adapted our services, and some of the results of moving our training to being online have surprised us. Having had great success with our Sketchup training courses at the Attention Media Ltd premises, we have always prioritised developing and maintaining positive delegate relationships. From making initial, personal contact with every delegate, to creating purposeful group training sessions that also allowed for individuals to be helped. All this whilst also having fun and laughter along the way, Archilime style! How, we asked, were we going to do this online? Dan Stone, Head of the Archilime Academy, stepped up to the challenge…and discovered Zoom.

Online Training versus Face-to-Face?

Any initial reservations we might have had about moving from physical face-to-face to training using Zoom soon disappeared as we embraced the software’s many interactive capabilities. Being simple to use, even those who have never even had a Zoom meeting have found it super easy to set up – yes, even your Gran could figure this one out. Dan thinks that in many ways Zoom is better than face-to-face training due its numerous interactive features. In a training session we share each other’s screens – so we regularly rotate throughout each of the delegates during the course, which means that everyone can see what everyone else is doing. Dan says, “I find this definitely builds a sense of camaraderie equivalent to in-person courses”.

Being able to annotate anyone’s screens is something that actually puts training via Zoom a step ahead of in-person courses, as the latter involves walking over to the delegate, asking questions and then resolving the problem. Another awesome feature of Zoom is the fact that we can screen record every course we do, and hand this screen recording over free-of-charge, along with all the other invaluable course materials that delegates are given.

Social advantages of Online Training

We never thought that digital training could bring social advantages, but it certainly has. In small groups, training over Zoom can offer a sense of community at a time when many of us have been working from home and feeling quite isolated. We are all juggling a lot in these challenging times, and time and money are often tighter than then ever in some areas; but we all still want to learn, better ourselves and improve our skills. Zoom is easily accessible to all, as it requires no travel and no overnight accommodation: it takes up less business time and costs less money. A win-win situation in our eyes!

More than just Digital Training

We are massive fans of using Zoom for our training and our happy delegates are proof that the digital classroom can be a success. However, the course is only part of the service and part of our journey with you. Dan contacts all the delegates in advance of every online course by phone and has a thorough chat with them to gain an insight into their needs, to ensure a more targeted and tailored course. Once the course is over, that doesn’t mean the end of our support – personalised help and post-course support is readily available. Dan offers full 30-day support through video calling, emailing, and phone post-course, which we encourage delegates to utilise. But don’t just take our word for it! “Who knew that Zoom would be perfect for this type of thing!” is the comment that Sarah, a recent delegate, has made (visit We totally agree, and are so glad we have found this way to keep sharing our knowledge as expert CGI artists through offering high quality Sketchup courses that are still focused, fun and rewarding.

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