Cladco Decking Product Images

We partnered with Cladco, leading suppliers of composite decking within the UK, to produce product visualisations to market their products.


They had 6 different types, so we created 6 different spaces to showcase them, ranging from outdoor areas with a seaview to a cityscape seen from a contemporary balcony.



Details and qualities of the decking were given focus through the use of carefully chosen and placed models, be it a metallic coffee table, comfortable outdoor furniture or pool-side loungers allowing for the details of light and shadow, quality and durability of the product to be highlighted.

These scenes help to sell the lifestyle offers, which we do whether selling houses or products – creating realistic spaces you can imagine, or aspire to be in.

These product images can be used instead of product photography allowing flexibility, reduction of costs, absolute control of light and positioning.


A ‘How to…’ animation was made to instruct a customer how to install effectively. This visual solution is effective at communicating this step-by-step process, utilising the 3D models that were made in the CGI process.

YouTube Adverts

We created additional animations of varying lengths as adverts, these eye-catching, attractive films convey the key messages over the slick movement of the decking being cleverly laid.

Archilime have been a fantastic company to work with, their innovative technology has brought our products to life and enhanced some of our marketing materials to a superb standard. The team were fantastic in their approach with regular communications and updates regarding the project and were very quick and thorough with any amendments we had. We were delighted with the final result and the high quality imagery they produced was above what we had expected, we were amazed by the final results. We have just begun working with Archilime but I can safely say we will have a long and happy future together working on stunning visualisations for years to come.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Next steps

To find out how we could help market your products through CGI and animations, get in touch and tell us about your vision. We can take it from there.

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