Archilime Company Culture

We spend a lot of time thinking about brand – investigating what makes our clients tick –finding out their aspirations, vision for their projects, who they are, how they want to be perceived, what is important to them – the personality of the brand.

The faces behind the name

We dig deep into this so that we can play our role of telling their story, and communicating it to others. In the property market, this is often portraying a development – the ethos and people behind it, that will make a difference to buyers gaining an understanding of whether this company/development aligns with them and offers what they are looking for.

We have done this for ourselves – so that our potential clients, and people we work alongside can get a feel for who we are and what makes up our brand. Our key brand essence is the people behind it – our greatest asset – we believe this is experienced when people come into our office and meet us. When this isn’t possible, we wanted to put together a document to explain a bit about what makes us, us!

Company Culture

Our culture document isn’t a CV of our past experience and skill sets – they’re a given, but these are the parts we feel set us apart, the individuals working as a team, as we work with our wider network of clients and partners to create beautiful images and successfully market properties off-plan.

What is demonstrated in this document is not only the breakdown of our brand, but what we do when creating and defining a brand for a client: these things work together to inform the logo logo identity, the colour palettes, the tone of voice used in copywriting in all marketing and communications. If we have done our job right,  – your logo and brand identity flowing through the marketing of your property development, will speak of who you are as a brand.

Company culture document
What does the company culture have to do with brand? – In Archilime’s case, everything.

Download our company culture document

Design and Marketing

In this last year we have been so excited to see our team expand to incorporate the services our clients had been asking for – design and marketing within the property sector as a part of the whole visualisations and marketing suite!

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