10-15 years ago, the concept of virtual reality was just that – A Concept. The thought of virtual reality was a wondrous one that felt like an unachievable goal – First attempts at this concept were clumsy and poorly executed. Fast-forward to the present however and it seems that this technology is becoming a reality and its use is becoming widespread. The tools, equipment and software are continually evolving and being refined and VR technology is really coming into its own. The next 10 years will certainly be an interesting period and should see this concept develop rapidly.

One particular area of business that virtual reality technology is seeing a huge use is the property market. A plethora of property retailers and estate agents are implementing VR technology to aid their marketing and sales campaigns. How is this technology used in the housing market? How is Virtual Reality revolutionising property sales?

What VR technology is available on the market today?

There are a plethora of businesses that offer VR services and devices – The process can involve a VR device that you look through (like a headset), or a virtual environment that is replicated on a device such as a PC or a smartphone. VR environments are either created using advanced computer software and 3D rendered worlds or using VR recording software to replicate actual physical locations.

In the property market, VR is used to replicate the layout and contents of a house or office and allows potential buyers to view the property as if they were standing in the room. The estate agent will use recording software such as VRto.me to provide a full and detailed plan of each room in the property. This recording will then undergo rendering and compilation using advanced software and then uploaded to the businesses property website. A customer can then simply select a property they are interested in and view each room in its entirety to gain a true understanding of the dimensions and layout etc.


How does VR improve the property viewing process?

VR greatly improves the speed and accessibility of the viewing process. Buying a property can be a time-consuming experience – You will undoubtedly have to travel to various locations and view individual properties; you may even have to take time away from work.

Using VR, instead of travelling to physically view a property, you can simply switch on your laptop or smartphone and view it from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This can greatly improve the buying process and save you valuable time and money. Furthermore, the quality and detail of VR render used in the property industry is exceptional – Your viewing experience will not be reduced in any way.

This technology is also perfect for overseas buyers who cannot afford to pay for regular travel to view properties – They can use VR displays to view their potential investment from their own country.

If you are unsure about using VR, you can take a split approach to get the best of both worlds – Use the virtual renders to narrow your choices and to single out any properties that you are truly impressed with.  You can then choose to make a final physical viewing just to make sure!

We can be assured that VR technology will see continued regular use to aid property sales – It remains a fantastic tool to improve customers viewing experience.

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