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The value of investing in good company branding

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. animation and virtual tours, and then would take these to another company to use for a brochure or to upload to a website.

It is a visual window into who you are, so it needs to make a memorable first impression whilst also giving your customer or clients an idea of what to expect from you.

It’s not just a logo, it encompasses everything about your company, from the ethos and values to the services you provide.

Earlier this year we were approached by Lifestyle Homes and Developments LTD to create a company brand and website that reflected the high specification, contemporary homes that they produced.


Value of good company branding - Lifestyle Homes and Developments Logo
Who are Lifestyle Homes and Developments?

Lifestyle Homes and Developments create exquisite homes designed for stylish living in coastal, rural and urban settings.

Bringing together the skills and expertise of architects, designers and builders, they oversee every project from concept to completion.

Their brand needed to reflect their high specification and exquisite homes, whilst also communicating that they are professionals in what they do.


The Brand

So we know that their branding needs to be contemporary and communicate the high specification exquisite homes that they produce, but where do we start the process?

Before creating any brand, it is important that we can get as much information as possible at the start, to fully understand the brief and the task at hand.

We always like to hold an initial meeting either via zoom or in person as it not only allows the client to meet the artists who will be working on the project and for us to talk about the process, it also gives both us and the client the opportunity to ask questions about the brief or the process.

It also helps us to understand the best way to communicate with the client, to ensure that they get the most from the branding process with us.


value of investing in good company branding - Lifestyle Homes Business Cards

We now have all the information we need to start researching competitors and other areas of interest to initiate our ideas process.

For the Lifestyle Homes and Development brand we created an icon that reflected the angular style of the homes with a gold colour palette, giving the brand a luxury feel.

Paired with a white, thin capitalised sans serif typeface on a dark blue background it gives the brand a professional and contemporary feel.

When using the logo on printed marketing materials the icon could be gold foiled, giving the brand an added layer of luxury.

But how does the company brand influence the website design?

Value of investing in good company branding - Lifestyle Homes and Developments Website
The Website

Now that we have a set of brand guidelines, with a distinctive colour palette and typeface choice, this gives us a basis for a style to be used across the brand. Whether it is for a website design or marketing materials, this style ensures brand consistency throughout.

When designing a website there are a few key elements that need to be considered. Is the website easy to navigate? How does it work on different devices? And Is the design easy to use? Are just a few!

For the website design we have created a clear and easy to use navigation, where a line appears in the header to show which page you are viewing.

Large imagery is used throughout the website to showcase the homes and the lifestyle that they have to offer.

For the heading on each page we have used the brands icon and laid them out like the main logo, creating more of a style of the brand through the website.

Check out the website here!


Waters Edge Exterior CGI - Water front
The power of good company branding

The power of a good company brand speaks for itself.

It makes a memorable impression, whilst clearly communicating the key messages.

It shows the quality of the services you offer as well as being engaging to the viewer.

Remember your brand is the first glimpse people see of who you are, so make sure you make a good first impression!

As well as the company branding we also produced a marketing package for Lifestyle Homes and Developments first property development Waters Edge, find out about the marketing package we produced here!

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