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The Reach is an exclusive new development coming to Salcombe, Devon – and we were really excited to offer them the full marketing suite: Development brand identity, brochure, exterior and interior CGIs and 2D floorplans. Of course we would rather be living there, with those stunning panoramic views of the estuary, but instead we settled for satisfying ourselves with visualising these apartments with their beautiful interiors and setting.

Situated on South Sands, right on the water’s edge, we wanted the branding to reflect the close proximity to the beach – the sand and sea literally within ‘reach’. The ripples of the sand as the tide retreats is indicative of this daily reality for the lucky future residents. This pattern in the sand became the visual identity, paired with contemporary, calming blue and white coastal tones. The typeface, in capitals, gives the development the status it deserves with spaced lettering to give a luxurious feel.

Into the brochure, this visual came to life representing the story by housing the titles for each page. The colour palette was used to set the scene and worked in complement with the tone of the CGIs (this is not an accident of course, we can adjust the tones to suit!) The floorplans used thin key line stokes to represent the layout with clear labelling utilising the brand font.

The page-turners of the brochure are always the CGIs, the design of the brochure being a vehicle to display them at their best. The interiors bring the development to life with the views inserted to bring appreciation and understanding to the stunning aspect offered. An advantage of the design team and CGI artists working so closely together, is that one can influence the other to produce a cohesive and most effective result. Along with the tonal colour matching of the CGIs, another example of this is the bedroom wall colour being tweaked to the brand blue which melts seamlessly into place in situ (subconsciously reinforcing the brand!).

The exteriors place the building into its stunning context, and our artist James, created the vegetation meticulously allowing for a true representation of the existing environment and how the architecture will work within it. It is very special to feature the sea in any image, this was no exception, and the photo realistic reflections create a perfect frame for the image, but also for the lifestyle being offered.

The marketing process doesn’t stop with us – the agents, Luscombe May, the developer, Nicolas James Group, and anyone engaging with the brand can start to re-enforce it. We like to be able to help with this, offering brand guidelines to keep the band consistent going forward and offering other services such as digital banners for platforms such as Rightmove, or graphics for social media.

A marketing suite works at its best when everything works together = the vision is captured – then CGI artist, graphic designer, interior design and copywriters, work together in collaboration. We see this collaboration in-house, and like to extend this to the clients we work with as well. A cohesive message comes across when the logo, brochure, images, agents, and developers are speaking the same language, and telling the same story. The Reach is a great example of this…and we’re sold! (…and so was the first apartment within 2 weeks of the release!)

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