The process of naming a development begins with a client coming to us with a development they are planning – behind it will be an ethos of the company or developer; the style of architecture and interiors, an audience it will appeal to, a location, a lifestyle offered, a location.

It’s these aspects that we aim to communicate in a brand – in a logo, tone of voice and colours – but first, the name.

Fact finding

Sometimes a client is very clear on their vision, target market and USPs. It is our job to help them think about these things, ask them the questions that will help position them within the market, and where they aim to be.


Research helps to inspire:

The locality, is there anything about the location that will help tell the audience of the appealing situation? Perhaps it is coastal, and the name could make reference to this for example.
The history and cultural relevance – is there anything significant that was there before, that could become a name and symbol for the rejuvenated project or new build?
Associated names of other existing developments nearby, roads, reference points – are these a starting point for inspiration?


From these areas we have pinpointed from the research, they become the centre of our  ‘mind maps’.

Idea generation

Next we brainstorm names that communicate the feel of the development, or give the essence of its offering – the more the merrier!

Idea development

At this stage, we are looking up definitions and meanings of words, or similar words to expand and refine. This can involve paring the ‘creative’ words, with the description that best suits the development – for example, ‘Twilight Mews’, or ‘Tide Apartments’.


We have an internal review of the 3 concepts areas, and narrow it down to our favourite few, referring back to the brief to check they have fulfilled it. This stage also involves researching to see if others are already using a name/similar, and available website addresses.


Gathering together our process into a presentation, so the client can follow the journey of thinking, we present our ‘top 3’ with accompanying definitions.

Once the process of naming a development is complete, and the client has chosen a name, we repeat a similar process designing the visual parts of the brand in the form of a logo. This is a continuation of the development of the brand, as we are armed with the research, knowledge and ideas of what the ‘brand’ consists of. Our job is now to communicate it through the typography, icon creation and colour palette, so  that the style and presentation of the name communicates the essence of the brand, in a way the target audience can associate with.

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