The Importance of Imagery

The process of planning applications can be a worrying time for stakeholders such
as neighbours, local authorities and wildlife campaigners. Potential obstacles might
include the idea that a building or development site might be an eyesore, too
obtrusive within a current setting or take too much light away from other properties. It
used to be that planning officers and other interested parties only had 2D
architectural drawings to examine, in the hope that they would be able to accurately
bring the drawings to life in their mind. Fortunately, we now have the ability to create
photo-montages: a visualisation that combines computer-generated images onto a
base photograph to present a seamless, photorealistic 3D picture. Using this
method, we can accurately demonstrate the visual impact of the proposed building.

All in the Mind’s Eye?

For up to one in fifty people, apparently not. We think of most people as being able
to conjure images inside their heard – known as their mind’s eye. However, scientists
have discovered a condition called aphantasia, in which people are unable to
visualise mental images. For these people, one of whom might be a neighbour who
is unable to visualise a planned application from a 2D drawing, photo-montages are
hugely helpful, as it enables them to see how the proposed building will realistically
look in the area it will affect.

A Fully Supported Planning Proposal

Photo-montages are very important in the planning process, and can make a real
difference as to whether an application is successful or not. The company Virtual
Resolution agree, saying “the verified images can aid the planning process by
identifying key issues early in the design process that can ultimately save money
further down the construction phase”. Planning officers are able to see exactly how
the proposed building or development will fit into a landscape, and are therefore
much more likely to accept an application if it is supported with visual information.
Commissioning a photo-montage for your project is very straight-forward; all that we
need are some high-quality photographs of the site (we offer a high-quality
photography service in-house, or these can be provided by the client) and the
architectural drawings of your proposal. For more information, give us a call, so we
can help you get your planning process underway.


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