It’s very easy to agree with this statement: “Keeping up to date with Technology is a must for my business.” The rise of the use of technology in industry over the last century has made this statement pretty much universally accepted in all forms of business across the globe, even Nicaraguan farmers plan their crop yield using spreadsheet apps on their smart-phones these days. But what does this statement really mean for the modern Architecture business?

I’m sure that you’ll agree that technology impacts our industry more than most, we don’t just have Financial Management, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management systems to worry about. The host of various Computer Aided Design programs alone on the market today can make your head spin.

Whilst it’s important that we do bear in mind the impact of the design software that we implement is imperative to the success of our company, we still must not forget that our other company management systems need our attention. For example across the architect and engineering sector a total of 26% of billable hours were lost in 2015, it’s likely that in 2016 many architectural firms will want to prevent poor time recording from hitting their bottom line. One way of countering this is by investing in mobile compatible tools will simplify the capture of critical data from your workforce and keep track of their time on the move. Retrieving these hours will mean an instant increase to your revenue and could give you the capital you need in 2016 to realise aspirations of growth and prosperity. A sound technological system can make a huge impact on an operational level, but for the reasons discussed above, it’s important not to underestimate the significance on a broader scale also.

2016 promises to herald some real advances in Technology

One of which is in the materials which we can construct from. Stephen Van Dyck a Partner at LMN Architects believes that composites will be big this year. “First, we have the tools to engage them. As the worlds of architecture and manufacturing continue on their collision course, more offices are in possession of advanced modelling platforms as well as staff with experience in the fabrication means and methods of composites,” he continues, “we will overcome the fear factor with the opening of the first large-scale composite architectural façade system on Snøhetta‘s design of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art expansion. This project will demonstrate that composites are not only feasible in architecture but the residual savings and benefits are within reach for a wide range of projects.” When composites begin to filter down to the industry in general the playing field will become much broader.

SF Museum Modern Art

Another technology which the diligent Architect must stay in touch with in 2016 is 3D Printing Technology. The advancements in this field are staggering and are continuing to have huge impacts to our industry. Not only is 3D printing to be widely used in the modelling output in the design of our projects, but also in the construction when these are realised. Please see my blog on Why 3D Printing is About to Blow Architecture Wide Open  posted in April for more on this. There are couple of events below that could really change the way you work in the future and would certainly be worth a visit.

3D Print

The TCT Show is hosted on 28-29 September 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham and promises to bring together thousands of visitors from over 60 countries to discuss and engage the latest 3D Printing processes and materials, in effect looking at tomorrows’ manufacturing processes today.

At the 3D Print Show taking place on 4-5 October 2016 at Eurexpo in Lyon you can discover the real assets of this technology in terms of speed, cost, design, sustainable development and co-conception. This is arguably the biggest event in the world on this technology and will certainly give an insight in how the Architecture industry will be utilising this in the near future.

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