3D Visualisation Services in Cornwall

As an intrinsically creative process, there’s no denying that architects continue to rely on paper and pencils as a keynote part of the practice. But that said, cutting edge 3D visualisation technologies have empowered contemporary architects with the scope to enhance almost every aspect of the art. From capturing initial design ideas to preparing the [...]

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The Art of Post-Production

Post-production is probably one of the most undervalued processes in the creation of a 3D visualisation. After all where else do you get to change the sky to suit your building, give your piece a vibrant colour scheme or even add some dirt for realism? The majority of 3D artists try to achieve as much [...]

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Architectural Visualisation – Why So Important?

In the highly competitive property market, the need to frequently re-invent yourself is key to ensure continued sales and to remain relevant in the market. Out with the old, use of plans for presentations, and in with the new, the use of 3D architectural visualisations to clearly show to all relevant parties the vision of [...]

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The Difference Between CGI & Photo-montage

We often get asked 'What's the difference between CGIs and Photo-montages?' by potential customers. Well let’s start by explaining, for those that don’t already know, exactly what CGI is. CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, which simply means images that are generated using computer software. These images are lifelike 3D architectural renderings and are usually in [...]

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