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V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass coming in 2022

We are looking forward to where the Academy is going in 2022, which also involves looking back and where it has come from and where it all started…

Archilime Academy

Archilime Academy started in February 2019 which was the fruit that grew from the questions to us as professional CG artists…asking how we achieve our results….so we thought, why not teach people how to do it?

People often ask us if we want to give away our secrets, but we feel confident in our skill and share of the market, and have pledged to help those who use V-Ray for SketchUp – Interior Designers, Landscape Artists, Architects and anyone interested in 3d modelling.

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Coming in 2022

Next year we are looking to launch a masterclass that helps those going from novice to expert lead by our very own CG artist. We pride ourselves in being able to pass on the skills learned and daily practiced by the artists in our studio based in Devon.

The challenges of 2020/2021 took our Archilime Academy in a new direction – those outside factors moved us across to Zoom online learning, and we haven’t looked back! This new online format accelerated our reach, making it possible for delegates from all over the world to join us. Being the first and only accredited V-Ray trainers in the UK, it has been a privilege to occupy this space not only in this country, but to be available to anyone who wants to access our courses.

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Current courses

Our Top-Up courses have been particularly popular, with delegates benefitting from one-to-one training and support from our head of operations, Dan. These have helped those working on their own projects at home or work needing extra assistance, or those warting to brush up on a particular element of their work flow.

Our Access into V-Ray and SketchUp courses are for those starting their CGI journey, and the format allows those joining to still have that personal interaction that we feel is characteristic of our courses. 



Our Masterclasses will cover everything from the ground up. The passion and interest in our delegates’ development is integral to who we are, so we promise to continue to offer the same personable, post-course assistance by way of our after-care support.

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