Back in March 2018 Archilime were given the exciting opportunity of producing exterior and interior CGI’s for the development named Legacy, in Bishopsteignton.  This exciting new luxury home is the newest development from Tomahawk Homes, a brand new property development firm headed up by Exeter Chief rugby players, Julian Salvi and Moray Low. A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get the chance to go down to the site and see how the project was developing!

What immediately strikes you about this property is the sheer size of it; with a square footage of 185sq.m and an additional 39sq.m carport this open plan, one story home is about as far away from a clunky bungalow as you can get! On the day we visited the steel support bars for the roof had just gone up, the foundations were set and the beam and block flooring was in, meaning we could walk around the site getting a true feel for the proportions of the property and fully experiencing this emerging home.


Luckily for us, on-site to meet us was co-developer Julian Salvi, who talked us through the project so far, even giving us a tour through the rooms that were about to be built! The Legacy will be the third property developed and built by Tomahawk homes; The first project, Horizon, is two, detached, 4 bedroom properties which were built as a joint venture with Bishopsteignton Heritage. This partnership gave Tomahawk Homes their first foothold into the property development world, enabling them to grow their stature within this area of business as well as form crucial ongoing professional partnerships. From talking to Julian it is abundantly clear that this is not just a business development for them but actually a conscious marking of who Tomahawk Homes are and will be. Legacy, with its truly stunning architectural design and picturesque location, will definitely stand out within the property market, branding out Tomahawk homes as the ones to watch in the near future.

Looking around the site it is clear that architects Kensington Taylor have used their experience within the intelligent architectural design to bring out the best in this contemporary bungalow. Using a mono-pitched roof to create feature high ceilings and huge expansive windows that flood natural light into the living space, this luxurious 4 bedroom bungalow is an incredible statement property for Tomahawk Homes.

We will continue to keep a close eye on this project as it develops and hope to make another site visit as it nears completion in December!

For more information on the Legacy or on Tomahawk homes please visit or email