Write the first word in the story of your brand

The name you give to your development is the foundation for everything else you use to market it. That’s why naming is a vital first step for the services that we offer.

Your development’s name sets the tone of your brand. It’s the first word in the story of your development and the homes you’re building.

But naming isn’t easy. If you’re going to do it right, you need to go into a lot more depth than throwing some ideas down on a page.

At least, you do if you want your development’s name to inspire and send a message to potential buyers at the same time as fitting in with the local region and your target market.



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What’s in a name?

Your style. Your location. Your ethos. Your vision for your development. Your name says a lot about who you are even without any other marketing attached to it.

On the flip side, an unsuitable name instantly puts you on the back foot. If your name isn’t representative of the local area or isn’t attractive to your target audience, you’re turning away potential buyers before they even get so far as reading the first line of your brochure.



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Why use our naming service?

We help you communicate who you are to the buyer. So much of marketing your development rests on the strength of the name you’ve chosen that it’s worth making it the starting point of who you are as a brand.

Let us guide you through the marketing process right from the beginning. We’ll explore your aims, values and vision so that they’re present throughout your marketing.

In return, this lets you follow how the branding process works. You’ll be able to see where we’ve generated the themes and ideas from and how we’ve decided to develop them.

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How we help you name your development

The naming process happens in a few important phases:

  1. Initial consultation – this fact-finding session gives us the chance to talk through your development with you, asking key questions that you might not have considered before.
  2. Research – we’ll go away and research three key areas we can grow ideas from. These might relate to the location, the history of the site, or other sources of inspiration.
  3. Presentation – then we present the ideas, research, and our preferred choice from each of these options to you.
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The smart way to start the design process

Done right, naming helps you start the design process by asking relevant questions about your development. These are the sorts of things that might not have come up during the admin-heavy land exchange and planning processes.

The name of your development sets the tone for everything else. So when the time comes to decide on yours, make sure you’re doing so based on proper research and an effective process.

We can then help you start creating the kind of brand that will empower and sell the homes you’re building even before construction begins.



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