Digital Marketing for Property

With Archilime’s Graphic Design Sector, we are able to offer the complete Digital Marketing suite for all your design and marketing property needs. Our team of experts will take care of the full design and marketing spectrum for your property development: from 2D floor plans, signage and hoarding, to brochure design and copywriting, social media management and web design.Combined with our Visualisation packages; we are able to deal with all your property requirements under one roof, by one team.

Brochure Design

A high quality digital or printed brochure is an integral part of the marketing process and a crucial part of selling your property development. Your brochure design will be tailored to your specific company and site development needs. By offering a bespoke service, we are able to design our CGIs to flow seamlessly around the design of your brochure, keeping within your brand guidelines, with the assurance of complete accuracy. We can ensure that the CGIs are cropped correctly to fit your chosen concept, we can re-render images to fit certain page layouts and, most importantly, we will keep the design and colour scheme consistent throughout both the brochure and floor plans.

2D floor plans and site plans are an incredibly important marketing tool, and these will be designed by us as part of your marketing package.  A well designed set of floor plans can really help illustrate the understanding of any structural layout. We will create your floor plans to reflect the colour and style of your brand, so that these plans completely tie in with your company image. Our detailed floor plans and site plans communicate the layout of a residential or commercial building and its surrounding area with clarity and precision. This sense of transparency is essential when it comes to marketing a property, and these plans are perfect for inclusion in your brochure, to effectively market your development.

We guarantee that the brochure you receive to hand to potential customers will be of the highest standard. Professional copywriting will clearly and persuasively communicate the information and messages needed to promote your site development. Your brochure will have a truly first class finish that will reflect and represent your company and development.

Signage, hoarding and banners

Site developments often require exterior site hoarding design and print, and we are able to take care of all of this. As part of the marketing package, we offer the options of signage, hoarding and banners that can be displayed on-site to promote and inform the public of your new development. With Archilime Visualisation being the initial creators of the CGIs ordered within your marketing package, we are able to render huge design layouts without jeopardising the quality of the product.

It is really important to have high quality signage on your site as this creates a buzz about your forthcoming development. The quality of your signage, hoarding boards and banners all reflect the image and branding of your company, so we feel it’s imperative that these are top notch and create a significant, positive impression. By using Archilime Visualisations, you can trust that we will represent your company by keeping your brand consistent and making the best use of the CGIs we have created. We can both source suppliers and work well with existing ones, so you can have peace of mind that we can handle all your signage needs whilst you focus on other areas of your business.

Floor & Site Plans

As a common component of any marketing package out there, 2D floor plans and site plans are an incredibly important tool for all types of media. Whether for billboards, interactive site maps, brochures, landing pages or folder inserts, a carefully, well designed set of floor plans can really help illustrate the understanding of any structural layout.

Our detailed floor plans and site plans, communicate the layout of any residential or commercial building and its surrounding area in the most clear way possible. This sense of clarity is essential when it comes to marketing a property, and these plans are perfect for inclusion in a brochure, website etc to market your development.

Graphic Design Services

The moment we commence a project with you, we ensure that we take the time to truly understand why your company rocks. We want to know it all: your philosophy, ethos and what you want to shout out to the world about who you are. At Archilime, we are an established, unified team of industry experts, working cohesively with each other on your project. We are a team of fun-loving, enthusiastic designers,with a zest for life: and we like to project this enthusiasm onto all projects we work on. We will commit 100% to ensuring your bespoke design and branding is created to perfectly represent your company. Thankfully, we are lucky enough to work from our amazing studio in Devon, where a lunchtime dip in the river to refresh our creative juices is not unknown!

Our experienced Graphic Design team will work on your site development and company branding at the same time as our 3D creatives are working their magic on the photo-realistic CGIs. This means that you get a seamless service; as our Graphic Designers communicate your brand with a logo, and design a brochure at the same time as the CGIs are being created. This ensures no delay in the design and marketing process; so you can start to get potential buyers interested in your development and be in a position to sell off-plan much earlier than if you were having to deal with multiple agencies. Through an effective social media campaign we can also create some positive hype; to boost awareness of your company and site, so that no time is lost in marketing your development and to get your project off to a flying start.

Site Development and Company Branding

Here at Archilime, we understand the importance of creative and innovative branding. It tells the story of why, how and what you do, and it communicates your company values and purpose. You need people to know how great your company and new project really is!  By offering branding services for both your company and your site development, we are able to get behind the essence of the brand and the ethos of your company. We can then communicate this to your target audience, with some uber-creative and intelligent design. 

Our design team will create branding guidelines, to ensure your branding is clear and consistent; so that your company’s messages are cohesively defined and conveyed – right across the full spectrum of your marketing strategy. These branding guidelines also ensure that any other parties involved with you in the future also follow the right creative brief therefore protecting your brand and ensuring its longevity as these guidelines can be issued out to anyone later involved in design. 

We have a range of options and ideas for creating or enhancing your company branding to encourage the attention of potential customers. Branding can be strengthened by not only ensuring you have a logo that truly reflects your company and key values, but you might also want to consider optimising your company website, monthly newsletter campaign, having a strong social media presence and branded business cards to represent your company; to ensure there is consistency throughout these messages. Our Graphic Design team can help with all of this and more, to convey your brand messages and ethics before all the visualisation has even been finished; enabling you to start promoting your site immediately!

Social Media Package

What can our social media packages do for you? We will create and oversee branding and marketing campaigns to boost awareness of your company and site development. Having worked with you on your site development project, we will already have put together a huge amount of high quality copywriting, visualisation, animation, design work, photography, drone and construction site updates, so we will have content and images readily at hand for social media platforms. Our skilled account managers on our team will also come up with fresh, up-to-date live content to capture the attention of your target audience.

Social media management is important in order to keep up customer engagement and manage customer relationships, as well as drum up new interest in your site. We can share your key company messages and philosophies, create a buzz about your forthcoming development, and share regular site updates with new and potential customers. Optimising the social media for your site development will help you to connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness and open up opportunities for sharing news and information about your development. It can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation about your upcoming project!


To find out how Architectural Visualisation can benefit you and your clients, drop us an email or give us a call on 01364 654267 and we will be happy to go through the details of your project without obligation.