High-quality Clay Pack

With a high-quality clay pack you will be provided with a series of high resolution monochromatic white render images that can be used for 3D design development and plannig applicaitons. Below are some of our favourite clay packs we ahve prodcued.

Guildford Retreat, Surrey

Working very closely with Windsor & Harris Landscape designers on this design development pack we were commissioned to help bring hand-dran sketches up to a 3D monochromatic stage whereby the clay pack was perfect. Having six final high-quality clay renders included within any clay pack gives the client more of an overview of the entire project and allows any landscape design to be seen in it’s full context. With this project in particular, we worked over a number of weeks working to sketches, precedents and ideas from the client to then come up with a finished product that can be used for presetational purposes when pitching to other clients.

Woolacombe, North Devon

This clay pack was designed to be used as part of a 3D Design Development process allowing us and the client to really investigate the architectural form and landscaping before looking at materiality. The most focused area of this project was how the pitched roofs and gable ends related to the style of the scheme. The client fund this tremendously helpful bieng about to focus on the form whilst no distraction was made with any other elements of design.

Tymmis, Lye

During a collaboration with INC Design Associates Ltd, we were able to produce a clay pack for a housing development they were heavily involved in. Durning this process we had been able to show the true form, design scheme and context of the site development in a monochromatic form whilst showing the materiality through this by its ‘bump’ map.

To find out how 3D design renders can benefit you and your customers drop us an email or give us a call on 01364 654267 and we will be happy to go through the details of your project without obligation.