Make a huge difference in competitive markets with aerial CGI.

3D Site Overviews show properties in relation to the rest of the development, and this service really resonates with buyers. When faced with a 3D Site Overview, we tend to model the individual houses in separate files, so to optimise our workflow as best we can, and then reassemble them at the end for insertion into one mega file in order to render the chosen scenes. A high angle would commonly be used to maximize the viewing angle, looking down at the site, overlooking all aspects of the scheme.

We then operate in the same manner as we do for exterior visualisations by taking the rendered passes of that chosen scene into Photoshop, tweaking the image as we go by inhabiting it with people and day-to-day additions like clouds, cars, birds etc. In presenting designs in this manner, we tend to come to the conclusion that clients find it easier to maneuver through the proposal and understand the 3D make up of the space. It provides an interesting alternative to an eye-level exterior CGI, and one that we will love to continue working on.

Lucombe Park, Uffculme

A full aerial CGI view of phase one in it’s entirety. Showing a full development in this way is an incredibly effective way to market on such a large scale. Not only do we focus on the site development itself but we take time to extend the image to include the surrounding context to really give the buyer a true feel of what the lifestyle could entail.

Mary Tavy, Tavistock

Preparing a ‘cut out’ style aerial CGI to show off the wonderful site from Harrington Homes is a great way to showcase a wide range of details whilst not focussing so much on the surrounding context if that was preffered. This variation of style allows the seller to sell the site more directly without focussing too much on the area it sits in.

Chirkama, Plymouth

This small residential site of two mirrored plots was designed by Ayres & Haynes Architects in Plymouth for a private client. The purpose of the set of images were naturally produced to showcase the project to the client and then usethem as a marketing tool, publically. This aerial view of the twin plot development does just that in showing the level of detail that can still be achieved from an aerial perspective.


To find out how Aerial CGI’s can benefit you and your clients please drop us an email or give us a call on 01364 654267 and we will be happy to go through the details of your project without obligation.