3D Interactive Site Map

How is Interactive Site Map is beneficial to you and your client?

Our Interactive site map (ISM) enables you to view a property development in its entirety, whether its an accumulation of houses or an Apartment block. With an easy to read pop-up side panel key, your buyer is able to see which properties are available, under offer or for sale by simply hovering over and selecting a property. Click on the property that takes your fancy, and you are transported into an abundance of information, specific to that plot. This can include Interior CGI’s, Exterior CGI’s, Panoramics, Animation, property tours, property details and more.

Attract and gain more sales!

It is well known that people buy with their eyes. A buyer wants to be able to get a feel of the property before buying, and that is where the ISM comes in. A client can have a complete tour of their potential new home and its surroundings before a single brick is laid. Being able to see information such as the size of the garden and which way it faces to the entire site space, is essential to selling a property off plan.

Create Exposure and be at the forefront of technology

The great advantage with our 3D Interactive Site Map is it works across the whole Development Industry. From developers to Estate Agents the ISM is a fantastic tool for any project, with its simplicity, professionalism and time efficiency aspects along with being at the forefront of technology. This becomes more profitable across the board due to the lack of manpower needed as the buyers are then able to view the properties digitally in the comfort of their own home before making any decisions.

How Archilime are with you every step of the way

A 3D Interactive site map offers you a fantastic platform, where every bit of information that you can imagine is in one simple location on a customisable app that can be shared on a number of websites and all amended at once. We are even able to manage your app data for you so let us know what needs changing and then leave the rest upto us!

To find out how 3D design renders can benefit you and your customers drop us an email or give us a call on 01364 654267 and we will be happy to go through the details of your project without obligation.