3D Design Development

Visualising the Reality and Seeing the Potential

Designing and building your own development. This can be a daunting and frustrating process, but we believe it can, and should, be a thrilling journey where you can live out your dream of designing and visualising your build, resulting in a buzz of enthusiasm and anticipation to see your ideas come to life. We use exciting state of the art methods to show you how we play and interchange your design during a meeting.

This is where 3D Design Development comes into play; an awesome mid-project process stage that allows you to walk or fly around, into and through the potential new development, seeing every aspect of the property before the build even begins. Here at Archilime, nothing is more important than our relationship with our clients. With our 3D Design Development service, we can sit down with you and the Architect/Developer/Interior Designer (we have very good coffee here, too!), and take you on an exploratory journey through your new property where you can feel fully involved in the design development.

Showcase your design in flawless, life-like detail…

Architects and Interior Designers tell us they feel more confident in their designs when they are modeled and/or rendered in 3D. The images we produce require pinpoint accuracy and any miscalculations will quickly become obvious. We provide a variety of designers with the chance to see their designs come to life and see straight away what will work, without wasting time reviewing their 2D drawings for tiny but critical errors. Any design wrinkles can be ironed out way before construction begins and there is great flexibility for experimenting with the design right up to the final approvals which is exactly the purpose of this development stage.

Take your design further afield and gain exposure…

After a design has been completed, 3D visualisations of a project could then be used to great effect in marketing. They provide engaging, accessible content – far more attractive than text or flat images – that can be shared across social media or as a walk-through design portfolio online. For the ambitious architect, 3D CGI imagery is often used to create impressive entries for design competitions, generating valuable exposure to a broad, international client base and boosting their reputation within the sector.

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Successful planning applications and speedier builds…

Applications containing 3D design models are favoured by planning officers as they allow them to quickly and accurately grasp the dimensions, materials, and design of a property as well as how it sits in its surrounding context. This often results in faster and more successful passage through the planning approval process. Once the build is underway, clear 3D images allow for better design comprehension by the construction team and our clients report reduced overall build costs for their customers due to fewer errors and speedier meetings.

To find out how 3D design renders can benefit you and your customers drop us an email or give us a call on 01364 654267 and we will be happy to go through the details of your project without obligation.