Seeing the wood for the trees

It can be really hard to visualise a home in an empty space.

Homes are necessary shelters, important for humans to flourish, but they’re also places where we create our world and live our lives. For that reason, the process of imagining a home, when it doesn’t currently exist, is highly emotive.

There are some issues you might come up against when you’re buying or selling a brand new property that is being built: from freeing up cash from lenders, to checking on your development team to see if they’re on the right page with your visions, to understanding if your dream checklist is even achievable, having a strong physical image of what you’re buying or working on can help.

Visualise the reality

If you’re a developer, you’ll want to be able to know what you’re selling and how the homes will look to prospective buyers. It can be hard to get people to put down money on just a vague description.

Similarly, if you’re the customer searching, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting and if it fits with your personal specifications – if your heart is set on a simple modern home but the developer has used lots of architectural jargon in their descriptions, you won’t want to part with your money.

That’s why an increasing number of developers are turning to us to create CGI rendering of the architectural designs of unbuilt properties.

Benefits everyone

Creating a physical image of a development gives people the chance to imagine themselves in the location, which is something they probably won’t be able to do from seeing a building site. This, in turn, allows them to be more confident with the idea of buying before the building is complete.

Because images can be more powerful than words, realistic and true-to-form CGI images of what the build will look like benefits both buyers and sellers. It takes a very trusting person to put huge sums of money down for something they haven’t even seen, which is understandable.

Waters Edge in Exmouth

A great example of our work can be seen on the Waters Edge development based in Exmouth for our clients Liverty. For this project, we created external CGI images which were used by Liverty to sell to their customers.

These high-quality images give more than a sense of the physical characteristics of the build, although this is important, they also give the sense of the lifestyle this build will represent for buyers.  

Our images show how these contemporary houses work efficiently for busy, modern lives. The three-story homes feature neat entrances with allocated parking and ground floor garages, private balconies, and large glass doors and windows which allow light to flood into the living rooms and bedrooms. The monochrome colour palette is finished with white walls, dark grey finishes on the garage and doors, and attractive wooden cladding which suits the environment of the riverside development.

From our images, you can also see the depth of the building and get a sense of the size of the rooms, which is always important because it allows customers to imagine if the home is big enough for their needs. No one will buy a house they think is too small for them.

Our images also show how the homes work for neighbours, with separate entrances and blocked off balconies, there will never be any issues with privacy, which could be a concern for some people.

Let us help you

If you are in the middle of a development and need high-quality images, which enable you to sell from, then contact us today.