Archilime Visualisations are excited to be expanding our established presence in the Devon property development sector in 2017, to build connections and offer our 3D architectural rendering services in Bristol.


As a city that prides itself on being a vibrant hub for the creative sectors, Bristol is unsurprisingly a hot-bed of architectural talent and award-winning property development. The 2016 Insider South West Property Awards awarded the best Architectural Practice prize to Bristol’s Alec French Architects for the design and delivery of the landmark City Hall renovations as well as two highly acclaimed residential projects at Bridge Quay and Wapping Wharf, which were also winners in their respective commercial and residential award categories. Also in 2016 Bristol-based architects Brownfield Green, who specialise in church and chapel conversions and have delivered several highly regarded projects across Bristol, received the prestigious RICS national award for best UK property development for The Romilly Quarter in Barry, West Wales.


The last couple of decades have seen a fountain of visionary urban regeneration projects spring forth across the city of Bristol. Iconic developments such as the Harbourside and the multi award-winning Cabot Circus, have marked major transitional points for entire areas of the city, creating thriving cultural, commercial and residential hotspots from brownfield and industrial sites. At the same time, the city skyline has gained elegant new outlines in the form of the 14 storey Eclipse Tower in the heart of the celebrated Quaker’s Friar development and the sleek and imposing modern silhouette of The Eye at Temple Quay.


Meanwhile some of the elders of the Bristol architectural environment are entering a renaissance, with new life being breathed into historic churches around the city. Apart from the redevelopment of the long forgotten friary, there have been a spate of ambitious restoration and redevelopment projects, bringing these breathtaking old buildings into modern cultural and social use and reconnecting them to the fabric of their surrounding communities.


Plans are currently underway for the redevelopment of St Mary Redcliffe, after winning designs by the team at Purcell were selected in early 2016. Designed to increase public access to the grounds of the church and to recreate the original enclosure which surrounded it with a series of interconnected buildings, the intention behind the project is to position the church at the heart of the city once more, not only physically but also spiritually and socially. It is this kind of ambitious creative project, fuelled by civic intentions and an appreciation for the past, that highlights the enormous potential for architectural visualisation in Bristol and we are excited to be part of bringing these visions to life in their early stages.


The cultural and social attractions of the city are really drawing a crowd and pushing property prices, rent and demand for homes steadily upwards. In fact, the city would not hesitate to call this a housing crisis, and the pressure for new housing developments and redevelopment of unused industrial spaces is rising. The new mayor has established focus groups and clear plans to tackle the crisis and it is clear that there is plenty of land and available finance to develop it, so we anticipate a wave of creatively conceived and efficiently executed new residential developments in the coming year.


With the amount of new projects in the pipeline, we know there is a high demand for property development CGI in Bristol, and we are well placed to meet it with a portfolio that spans high end London commercial properties, sleek sustainable residential developments around Devon and progressive designs in international markets such as Dubai. We offer a combination of fresh energy and enthusiasm with solid architectural experience. Check out our growing team of creative talents here and why not drop us a line to discuss your Bristol project and how we can help to illuminate your vision with photo real rendering of your property development designs.