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//Sketchup Pro Access Course

Sketchup Pro Access Course

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You need software to fully generate your designs in a precise and timely manner. SketchUp Pro is the solution.

This course is for anyone wanting to develop their digital design skills and create accurate 2D images and 3D models to visualise space.

It is suitable for designers from all backgrounds: our students include people working in interior design, architecture, planning, construction, film, craftspeople and hobbyists.

You could be a returning user looking to freshen up your workflow or a complete novice: this 2-day course will give you the tools and know-how to effectively visualise your designs in the realm of 3D, regardless of the industry within which you practice.

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How will I learn on the SketchUp Pro Access Course?

Our SketchUp Pro Access course is hands-on and practical training, providing you with more hours of trained supervision than most courses. That’s what makes it the best value course available.

Your trainer will teach you the necessary theory and demonstrate all the techniques in a step-by-step way. You then practice the techniques taught on a computer running SketchUp Pro.

The 16 hours worth of training is split over just two days, meaning less time out of the office for you. There will still be plenty of time to ask questions, and you can take away all the files you create at the end of the course too!

Creating 3D drawings quickly and easily is a valuable skill in any design practice and can significantly enhance your professional communication and presentation whilst using SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Make is a free 3D modelling software, available as a free download, making it accessible for all audiences when looking into this course specifically as everything learnt is native to the software.

From 2D plans and elevations to 3D rendered objects and interiors. You’ll soon be able to tap into its potential as we introduce you to both its 2D drawing and 3D manipulation tools, materials & textures, organisational concepts and optimisation techniques to hone your workflow.


Our Introduction to SketchUp Course provides you with an understanding of the fundamental principles of 3D design using Trimble’s SketchUp Pro. As industry leaders in the SketchUp 3D modelling community; Archilime’s very own Managing Lead Creative demonstrates and coaches the most productive methods used to truly master the workspace and add complexity to your 3D models… just like our team does every day.

The training taps into the wealth of knowledge amassed over a combined total of 25 years worth of experience using SketchUp – delegates will be introduced to the Workspace,
Native Tools, Texturing, the Optimisation Approach, Advanced Modelling Techniques and much more.

Check out the syllabus below:

  1. Sketching
    1. The Essentials. Welcome to SketchUp. Here we go over the primary navigating, drawing and manipulation
    2. Selections & the Workspace. Here we delve deeper into building an understanding of the workspace and building good
      habits. Special focus to be paid on efficiently making selections and picking up the pace of
      our modelling.
    3. Groups, Components & Arrays. The act of Arraying Groups and Components is an essential part of your SketchUp workflow
      as model-spaces become more and more complex.
  2. Accuracy
    1. Organisational Techniques. Effective usage of layers, Advanced Navigation Techniques and Scenes acts as a springboard towards ever-more advanced SketchUp models.
    2. Advancing your Model. Here we cover advanced modelling and texturing techniques to create complex topographic
    3. Interpretation & Application of Information. Being able to model to specification is any SketchUp modeller’s bread-and-butter.
  3. Showcase
    1. Bringing Everything Together. With an effective modelling workflow now in-place; we explore the means to import 3D
      models from elsewhere and populate our model space.
    2. Final Checks. Using Archilime’s tried-and-tested optimisation approach, we now look to ready your files for
      the Export stage.
    3. Showing off your Model. Now that you have a finalised SketchUp model, being able to effectively communicate your
      designs using powerful and punchy exports is a crucial facet to your workflow


We want our delegates to go away satisfied. Your trainer will tailor your training to meet your needs.

Our price guarantee is your assurance that you’re getting the best value for money: the full 16 hours training is split over two days means more time learning but less time out of the office compared with other courses.

Our training guarantee ensures that you learn the concepts and skills you need, with a comprehensive 54-page fully-illustrated manual and 30 days aftercare service.

Check out a sample of our manual here: Archilime Academy – Manual Sample.


You can download the full course syllabus here



  • How can I know if this course is applicable for me and my industry?
  • Will I be learning on a Mac or a PC?
  • After the course, how do I go about getting my own copy of SketchUp Pro?

You’ve probably got A LOT of questions about our SketchUp course. You can always contact us and we’d be happy to help, but here you’ll find the answers to our most frequently asked questions: Archilime Academy FAQs

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Jan 30 and 31, Feb 13 and 14, Mar 19 and 20, Apr 17 and 18, May 14 and 15, Jun 18 and 19, Jul 16 and 17, Aug 20 and 21, Sep 17 and 18, Oct 15 and 16, Nov 19 and 20, Dec 17 and 18