Project Description

Strawberry Hill

This pair of exterior property development CGI images was commissioned alongside a series of three interior visualisations. In this set we have an angled exterior shot of the property itself, showcasing the diversity of materials used for the external finish and the elegant proportions of the architecture. This is an intelligent and economical use of a single exterior image as we get both side and front views of the property as well as a sense of setting.

The second image is an 3D aerial CGI of the entire development which the individual property sits within, showing a range of sizes and designs and well landscaped natural surrounds. Again the angle is well chosen and economical as it encompasses front and side views of most properties as well as a clear sense of spatial arrangement and a view of the gardens and other outside spaces around the plots.

Our client commissioned a series of three interior CGI images for this residential property development, to compliment two exterior architectural visualisations. A full set of images like this allows potential investors and planners to comprehend in detail the finished design and how it will look and feel both inside and out.

Our team of creatives were in their element designing and rendering vibrant and sophisticated interiors for the bright modern property and setting time of day scenes to create a homely and inviting atmosphere throughout the triptych. The careful calibration of natural and artificial light sources across a range of materials and surfaces creates hyper-real immersive images which can’t fail to impress.

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