Project Description

Stowford Mill, Ivybridge

Above we have some of our most recent images created by our team of in house creatives for Stowford Mill in Ivybridge. Our client, Burrington Estates, commissioned these external 3D visualisations to showcase these incredible family homes to be built within this new and vibrant community.

This project was particularly interesting for us here at Archilime as the architectural site for these properties is built upon a historic paper production mill first built in the 18th century! Framed by a heritage train line viaduct, these stunning new residential properties are carefully designed to blend with the idyllic natural surroundings. Natural materials such as slate tiles and stone cladding are used to seamlessly blend the external face of the properties into its woodland landscape. Solar PV panels are standard in all homes, highlighting the features of longevity built into the sites architectural design.

Burrington Estates will use these visualisations to market new homes to sell off plan, so our experience in creating realistic visualisations was crucial in showing potential buyers both the aesthetic and functional features of the overall design. These stunning new homes are just part of Burrington Estates wider plan to create a new residential and commercial environment and living space within which to work, live and play.

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