Project Description

Small Hampton

The architects; Woodford Architecture & Interiors, who were designing this stunning project on the Cornish Coast approached us to commission as set of 3D exterior visualisations of the proposed development. Our brief was to showcase the sensitive design and traditional materials used for this property, as it is nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and so demonstrating harmony with the surroundings was a key requirement.

This design for large, elegant family home centres around an existing traditional Cornish stone cottage, which is to be extended in both directions. The large extensions are subtly and simply clad in traditional hardwood and are gentle on the eye. Any protruding elements of the design such as the garden room overlooking the sea, are constructed largely of glass creating an overall streamlined look. Our CGI team were able to select textures to perfectly match the traditional materials used for the exterior of the building, resulting in an accurate and attractive rendering of the finished design.

Throughout the property there is great care taken to maximise the benefits of the stunning natural light in the Cornish coastal areas, with large glass frontages and skylights. We love working with light and so recreating the effects of natural light bouncing off and radiating through and out of the property was a particularly enjoyable challenge for our creative team. Finally, it was important for the exterior CGIs to set the property development in the natural beauty of its surrounds, which was achieved by an extensive rendering of photo real landscaping and planting.

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