Project Description

Secret Garden, Guildford

Here we have our latest CGI’s produced for our client Windsor and Harris landscape designers. These images were created using our bespoke 3D3 design service; placing our client in amongst the creative process from start to finish.

Archilimes’ founder, Jack, took the lead on this one, producing the images in collaboration with Windsor and Harris’ design ideas. By using multiple communication methods throughout the image creation process, Jack was able to collaborate fully with our client to ensure the CGIs’ end result represented exactly what they wanted to communicate in their presentation to help them win the bid.

In the visualisations we see an incredible cast iron pergola that wraps around the outside of the property, allowing the natural flow of the home from the inside to out as well as bringing a rustic, almost industrial quality to this traditional brick home. A large 3m high aged red brick wall surrounds the garden providing privacy as well as creating a ‘secret walled garden’ feel to the space. White stone statues delicately placed around the garden complement the rustic red brick and bring a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Windsor and Harris’ design manages to perfectly frame the space for both daytime relaxation and evening entertainment, making it suitable for all.

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