Project Description

Sea Vale

As a classic example of our property development CGI services, the brief for this project was to sell this desirable Devon property, with its stand-out design features, and the stunning view it provides over the Torquay coast. The client asked for three external CGIs to provide tantalising exterior visualisation for sales and marketing materials.

As with any architectural visualisation, experiencing the context first hand with a site visit was crucial, allowing us to really get a feel for the project and select the angled views which best highlight the dramatic vista of the property, as well as emphasising another key design feature through architectural rendering – an elegant raised walkway leading to the front door, lined with glass balustrades and with an exterior wall light to bring out the zinc cladding.

Our design team worked closely throughout the process with the property design team, and we reached consensus to angle the shot out over the coast of Torquay, with the house positioned centrally and the sea receding into the background. Placing the horizon line slightly below the roofline creates a striking sense of stature, and the lightly blurred foreground and added depth of focus over the long view out to the horizon provide sensitive contextualisation which does not distract the eye from the design proposal.

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