Project Description


For this exciting high-end modern property development, our client commissioned a series of four exterior 3D architectural visualisations and three interior CGIs. For the external images, the brief was to render a photo-real impression of the finished property in its stunning natural setting, capturing both the outstanding views and the smart design which nestles the property at a low level into the hillside. When presenting a project to planners this kind of imagery can really help to give an accurate and reassuring visual impression of the way a finished property will sit in its surroundings.

For the interior shots, our team worked closely with the client to select the angles and interior finish for these images, emphasising the luxurious indoor/outdoor living spaces and the clean, light design which offers a continuous view through from one space to another and a pleasing sense of flow for the inhabitants. A sense of how rooms relate to one another and the journey through a property can be hard to grasp from architectural drawings but can be easily and enticingly brought to life through CGI imagery, as our team have done here.

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