Project Description

Riverford Canteen

Last month our client Gillespie Yunnie Architect commissioned us to create a pair of high-end Interior and Exterior CGI’s to showcase the stunning Team Canteen for Riverford Organics based in Staverton, Devon for the purposes of planning. The angles of both images have been carefully thought out, enabling you to see the beautiful and tranquil location and surrounding countryside of the Exterior along with the carefully thought out Design of the Interior making the indoor space feel like a home from home.

The exterior of the canteen was created with a mixture of Cedarwood Cladding and a black metal corrugated sheet roof which is a match made-in-heaven and compliment each other entirely. The light grey brick chimney that protrudes from the building almost becomes a key feature, inviting you into the warm environment that awaits you. At the end of the building next to the entrance is a fabulous giant CANTEEN sign that wraps around the corner of the building , implementing Riverfords fun and friendly mannerisms.

The Interior is as equally stunning as the Exterior. The white high pitched ceiling gives a light and airy feel to the building but also the fire place makes the area feel enticing and welcoming. The long custom made tables and benches are a beautiful feature which match the fantastic bespoke light fixtures. Both of which are created out of local treated Oak. The service counter adds a hint of colour to the canteen with a rich teal and the Giant chalkboards at the rear of the building become a key feature.

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