Project Description

Pirates Stadium

This ambitious stadium project required a set of 3D architectural visualisations that would provide a detailed view of the development from multiple angles – giving a sense of scale, setting and structure. As well as highlighting key design features and the placement of the project in its surrounding environment, the exterior CGIs produced by our team clearly illustrate key operational elements of the design such as parking, access, lighting and pedestrian flow.


The aerial angles were carefully selected to offer the maximum of architectural detail and show the interrelation between different elements of the design. Our CGI artists populated the scene with vehicles and pedestrians to give a sense of scale, access and traffic flows, as well as landscaping the surrounds with relevant mature planting to bring the project to life. The priority for this design was architectural accuracy and we pride ourselves on having the experience and the expertise necessary to produce faultless photo-realistic 3D visualisations from 2D architectural plans.

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