Project Description


4 bespoke properties, First Class design, scenery and exclusivity, Marians Maples. Introducing our first development on the River Dart, Marians Maples. 4 brand new homes, located in the beautiful Devon town of Stoke Gabriel and built with contemporary style and luxury.

Set within the beautiful backdrop of Stoke Gabriel, each detached home invites you into experience a new pace of life and enjoy the view. Our bespoke build package enables you to specify the house of your dreams with our experienced Project Manager and their team of craftsmen and designers taking care of every last detail.


Below are twelve architectural visualisations that have been created to form part of not only the brochure but also digital use too. Whether for landing pages, website portfolios, digital brochures, marketing adverts, social campaigns, this collection of high-quality CGI can be used globally across all the clients’ marketing needs.

Site development branding

As part of the property marketing package, we provide the complete branding experience for your site development. As we progress through the design of the brochure and prepare themes and layouts for drafting, it makes perfect sense for us to also design and manage your development branding. For Marians Maples, we designed the entire brand for the site development based in Stoke Gabriel.

Floor plan graphics

Every project needs something visually appealing to pop from the page when taking into consideration floor plans. By putting the Architects’ plans through some design work we are able to bring to life, very simply, the 2D form and layout of each floor. These can then be used for many purposes, mainly the brochure.

Brochure design

Brochure design is an important part of selling any property development. To ensure flexibility with any of our brochure designs, we are able to design our CGI’s to seamlessly flow around the design of your brochure, keeping within brand guidelines throughout. Having that control over all areas of the marketing package ensures your band is as strong and consistent as it can be.

Animation film

Imagine taking a prospective buyer on a tour through and around your property development, before your contractors have even broken ground… Imagine flying that potential buyer over and around your proposed development before it has even left the drawing board…

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