Project Description


This high-end residential property development consists of three detached homes.

Our client commissioned this series of four interior architectural visualisations to showcase the airy, modern, elegant design of the property and give a range of perspectives on the multi-functional spaces and intelligent open plan. By carefully selecting the angles we can create an intimate and immersive set of images which capture both the full layout of the rooms and the exterior views.

Our in-house creative team styled the interior finish and furnishings in close communication with the client and to a brief which emphasized creativity and soft, clean lines. We selected a range of designer furniture and lighting to compliment the space and create enticing lifestyle layouts to attract high-end investors with an eye for quality.

Our client commissioned a triptych of exterior images to showcase individual properties, as well as the development as a whole. The exterior views of each property are angled from ground level creating a sense of grandeur and expanse and are populated with vegetation, furnishings, and vehicles to really bring each property to life as a home space. Plentiful natural lighting accentuates the contrasting materials and sleek lines of the building itself.

An aerial view of all three properties in their lush natural environments showcases the ample grounds and privacy of these luxury homes, as well as straightforward access and generous provisions for parking. Our team are not only experts in creating stunning CGIs, they also understand the practical aspects of property development and which elements need to stand out to a potential investor.

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