Project Description


This stunningly beautiful residential home is situated in the heart of Dartmoor opposite the gorgeous Foggin Tor. We collaborated with Through the Woods, Architectural Designers, to produce a set of exterior architectural visualisations to bring the architects vision to life for the purposes of a planning application.

We were able to create the peaceful surroundings we see, which naturally frames this gorgeous detached home, with colour enriched Autumnal Trees. As the sunlight hits the house through the trees it gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the images which then fits into the landscape subtlety. We believe that Landscape Architecture is just as important as any structural architecture we become involved with and this end result is no different in showing a true version of what the finished outcome will look like in its natural habitat.

The house possess a beautiful Extension to the side of the property, built using rammed earth in various shades of brown which fits in perfectly to its Dartmoor location. Whilst the main house is made of Dartmoor stone, we feel the two contrast materials truly complement each other and offers a fantastic architectural juxtaposition.

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