Project Description

Dartmouth Quay

Here we have been working on a sensitive planning application for a boathouse in Dartmouth on an existing quay area. The design contains a landing stage by the water and a spiral staircase. The property takes advantage of outdoor living space with a large balcony leading off from the master bedroom and a Juliet balcony from the adjacent bedroom. We were asked to emulate the natural stone (as seen in the adjacent buildings) for the footings.

Structurally, weathered oak beams and columns were used, whilst light-pale, brushed timber was utilised for the horizontal cladding. The blue-green slate tiles used are in accordance to the local vernacular.Due to a variety of factors, this Photo-montage required something a little different whilst trying to marry our CGI with the existing environment. As we were working towards a final photo-montage image, we arranged for a high-resolution site photograph to be taken for this purpose. Intricate selection and feathering techniques were then used to combine the two images in Photoshop, all the while using a range of blending options to match exposures and colour balances.

Dartmouth Quay Photo-montage


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