Project Description

Al Bustan

The brief for this exciting commercial property development CGI was to render a set of photo-realistic 3D interior visualisations for an elegant pack of apartments in Riyadh. Our client Sibley Grove – now based in Totnes after a recent move from London – commissioned us to capture and convey the cool, fresh design of this stylish apartment in Saudi Arabia, working closely with us at all stages of the creative process. As ever, fostering a close client relationship with excellent levels of communication led to a fine standard of detail and quality in the finished visualisations.

The five CGIs produced for this project needed to have a consistent look and feel throughout – with matching textures of wood and lighting rigs amongst the varied materials used for each room. The brief was to create an overall soft feel to the images whilst representing the different textures in a realistic way – highlighting the cool, bright feel of the tiled surfaces and freshness of design.

Our CGI artists created bespoke photo-realistic materials for each surface, which were reused throughout the design and tweaked to account for different light setups in each room. The post-production stage of this project was a real highlight for our team, who found great satisfaction in the challenge of taking a RAW flat rendered image and bringing it to life in such dazzling detail.

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