Every people group has one, we like to celebrate our ‘company culture’ but what is it?

For Archilime, our culture means being trusted, encouraged and supported in your roles. We champion progression, ideas and opinions.

How do we do that?

We want to support all of our team in their chosen career paths – as well as accommodating the needs of the company, the role is also led by the individual in the routes they want to explore, facilitated by specific training, mentoring and a review process that allows for these discussions.


Company Culture - work life balance

Openness is encouraged, with a management model that is upside down, with the leaders elevating the others to the top, supporting from behind. This plays out through responsibility given for specific departments, or skillset areas that allows people to be ‘experts’ in their field.

Ideas are always welcomed – whether that be to stock a particular herbal tea, to a concept suggestion from a more junior member. People are employed because of their potential to be a part of a team as a whole, and not reduced to their single role. We enjoy being in the office together, as we all have insight into the overview of projects, helping to come up with solutions together (and being able to celebrate each others’ birthday’s in style!)


Archilme Culture also values wellbeing, good mental health, a work/life balance.

How does this look?

Firstly our office is in an idyllic riverside location, overlooking the River Dart on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, this allows for a panoramic view of the seasons changing, lunchtime walks and general uplifting environment.

We understand people have different life situations/events when reviewing requests – offering flexibility in location, a long Christmas holiday break, and counseling sessions available.


Within the workplace we have our company culture which we are proud of.

This overflows into the relationship we have with you as our clients.


We recognise that you are people with visions, families, goals, dreams and setbacks. In the same way we get to know our team, we like to get to know you. We see this as a two way relationship, valuing each other’s time and expertise.


Our Company Culture - The RIVER

We operate with the same level of respect, as a team member, with honesty and openness about fees, timescales, problems and solutions. Our emphasis is journeying with you to discover what makes them tick, what your vision is, identifying what you need our help with and coming up with solutions. We have a wealth of skills, ideas and connections that we want to bring to our offering.

We feel proud of the ongoing relationships we are building, watching clients’ projects evolve and expand, celebrating successes and there to offer support where needed  – it’s what we want for our team members and clients alike. It’s our culture.

Check out our Culture Document here!

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