New Year, New Commitments… Our promises to our clients for 2018


As 2017 draws to a close we have been reflecting on what really matters to us – and that is our clients, our customers. We measure our success by their success, and their satisfaction with the architectural visualisations we produce as we carry across that feeling of everyone being part of their chosen development team.


All good partnerships thrive on clear contracting, and we love nothing more than clarity with our customers. So after creating this customer charter as an internal document to formalise and guide our company culture, we thought why not share it with everyone involved.


So here it is, our commitment to our clients…


  1. We will always quote honestly, consistently, accurately and transparently.


We have nothing to hide and everything to show you. We love what we do and take pride in the way that we do it, which follows the best practice we have found from our decades of shared experience. No corners are cut and nothing takes longer than it needs to as we always have plenty to be getting on with.


  1. We will always share our wealth of industry knowledge and experience, as well as offering the most efficient and helpful processes possible.


We believe in empowering our customers through knowledge and choice. The more that you understand about the options available for your project, the more likely you will make the most effective choice and be happy with the results you get. So we are always happy to spend the time at the beginning to talk you through the way we work – ensuring accurate and smooth delivery later.


  1. We will always push for the highest levels of perfection on the journey to creating top quality CGI for you.


We are lifelong learners by nature and constantly have an eye on our professional development and growth. We keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies that allow us to produce ever more accurate and visually stunning property development CGIs. We love our work and get excited about exploring new ways to do it even better.


  1. We will always deliver services in-house – never outsourced overseas


We pride ourselves on keeping total creative control of the images we produce. We are in this work because we love doing it, so we do it ourselves! Outsourced CGI is run on complex chains of communication across continents, which gives rise to delays, inaccuracies and opaque production schedules. Instead you simply drop us a line or pop into the office to see exactly where your images are up to and to communicate changes or additions directly to our creative team.


  1. We will always deliver on time – and if we cant we will let you know when


We understand the critical importance of reliability and integrity when it comes to deadlines, and we honour them accordingly. We have been in the property development game long enough to know the ripple out effect of supply chain delays. Should any problems arise with a deadline, we will always make the customer our first consideration and get in touch with you to work out a solution.

So there we have it. These are our commitments to you and we invite you to hold us to them. Our integrity and reliability in delivering quality work consistently is the number one reason why our clients choose us and stick with us.


We look forward to doing more good work with you in 2018!