Oakley House, our post-production workflow

So, what do we actually do in post-production? Currently, we’re producing an exterior visualisation for a press release of a high-end block of apartments in Luton that we helped get through planning recently (project images & credits to be released soon). An area of our workflow that is never seen by anyone other than us is the post-production process.

What happens when we take a flat RAW render and transform it into a final image? It’s never as simple as ‘just rendering out another view’ and hopefully, this explains why… We spent about 3-4 hours on this image this morning and wanted to record my process to share with you all! ? When you have 5 or 6 images it could take you half a week for post-production alone.

Post-production is so vital in transitioning those final stages to high-quality marketable content. Ultimately we want to add value to clients’ projects and that takes time. Post-production is underrated, undervalued, and not thought about when we complete the handover and we really do understand why, but we hope this shows that it’s not a ‘press the button and move’ scenario! ?? How do you bring your flat RAW renders to life?

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Architects – Wimshurst Pelleriti

Client – Acre Invest

Visualisaiton – Archilime