The must-know’s about your 3D visualisation company.


What every architect, Designer and property developer should know about their 3D Visualisation agency…


When you have a high-end property development on your hands, choosing the right partners to team up with at every stage of the process is crucial to the quality and success of your finished product. At Archilime we have been taking the time to understand what is important to our clients when making the critical decision about who to bring on board and wanted to share with you what they have shared with us.


Of course, the price is important, but we all know you ultimately get what you pay for. Discerning the right balance of affordability and assurance relies on thorough due diligence to check out the reputation, skill and values of your shortlisted architectural visualisation agencies.  When choosing a creative partner to bring your vision alive in front of investors, planners and clients it pays to keep an eagle eye on a few key criteria. Find a team who you can really trust with your intellectual property and your most important projects.


You can find out a fair amount from a website, by seeing how transparent and communicative the team are and finding examples of past work and client testimonials. As well as this, clients tell us that taking time to make a few calls to potential partner agencies has helped them to get beyond the shop front and speak to the people who will be hands-on in delivering their images, thereby making better and more informed choices about who to work with.


From experience, the most important criteria that our clients bear in mind while evaluating a studio to produce property development CGIs centre around in-house expertise, reputation, access and approachability. Here are a few of the questions they have been asking…


  • What do the agency’s past clients say about working with them? Are they known for delivering on time, on budget and to brief? Are they personable and easy to work with?
  • Can you meet face to face with the people who will produce your images or are they outsourced? Will you be able to sit around a table together and get super clear on the result you need?
  • How well do they listen and understand your brief? Can they relate to the context of your development in terms of geography and target market?
  • If something goes wrong can they respond quickly and in person? Will you be able to regularly review and feed into the progress of your images if something needs to change?
  • Do they have proven experience and expertise in their chosen field? Can you find out their credentials and see known examples of their work in your sector?


When a team are all pulling together in the same direction there is a feeling of flow and harmony and work happens efficiently and effectively. We, like our clients, place high value on good working relationships internally and we know that external partnerships work best with the same care and attention.



That’s why at Archilime we take the time to really understand your project and your goals, and to talk you through the way we work step by step so you can really feel assured that we are part of your team for the duration of our work together. Drop us a line to talk about teaming up on your big project today.