Almost 2 months into 2022 – how is it going?
  • With the majority of Covid-19 restrictions being lifted across England this month, network events back up and running, the fresh enthusiasm of face to face meets, events re-invigorated with fresh visions – we’ve put together a quick-fire guide on how to fall back in love with your marketing strategy and grab this year by the horns.



Marketing - top tips
Step Away

One common thing that we find all business owners/managers have in common is letting go of responsibility. You’ve built a brand to the best it can be, you’re innovative within your field and your clients and staff know how much you care but it’s so easy to forget about the bigger picture. 


Here are 3 easy ways to “step-away” from your marketing to refocus with renewed energy.


  • Take a break! Find the time to go back to basics and do something you love (not work related!) for a few hours. Ideally something that genuinely relaxes you and takes your mind away from work.
  • Once you’ve allowed yourself some downtime, spend a couple of hours going back over your business plan and marketing strategy.
  • See how much of your marketing collateral directly relates back to your strategy and goals.



Make a Plan

Now that you’ve re-familiarised yourself with your marketing and business strategies, it’s time to make a plan.


  • Re-align your goals with where your brand stands today and where you want it to be in 1, 3 and 5 years.
  • Listen to your team. Hold a brainstorming session and spend the time writing notes and listening to your team and what they have to say. 
  • Set realistic and logical goals, both for vanity metrics (such as social likes / email open rates) and your sales pipeline.
Marketing - top tips
Create some fresh content

We’re all familiar with the term “pivot”, but this is a really good time to refresh your content / brand and imagery and have a think about how you can take your brand to the next level.


  • Carry out a mini rebranding session to see if your current brand still sits correctly within your market.
  • Try something new! Whether that’s getting in front of the camera or trying something new, you’re not going to know what takes your content further until you’ve tried it!
  • Find a few brands that you love and list marketing tasks they carry out that you really like/dislike. Then do the same for your own marketing (or even better ask someone impartial to!).
Marketing - top tips
Engage in your Efforts

The more you love what your brand is doing and the more you commit to it, the better the results are going to be! 


  • Get creative (or hire someone who can!). Think about the most abstract ways in which you could market your services and have a play with some ideas. You never know what genius campaign could be created!
  • Invest in your overarching campaigns (this is on top of your day-to-day marketing efforts). For example, hone in on seasonal trends and focus energy on creating noise around 3 or 4 key times a year.
  • Enjoy the process of trying new things and testing different ways of working.


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