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Tell a story and sell the lifestyle your development offers

Location is key for most buyers. A location film is like a movie trailer for your development’s local area. Picture the scene:

A wide, sweeping pan shot of the incredible green or coastal locale you’ve chosen. Inspiring music playing in the background. A shot of local people living the life you want your buyers to have.We can even add your development exactly where it will sit (with seamless CGI).

If your buyers aren’t familiar with the area, this is just what they need to fill in the mental blanks. What is the local town like? How close is the nearest beach? Can they imagine themselves living here?

For building traction on social media, closing sales, and really selling the location you’ve chosen, you can’t beat dipping your toes into the world of being a movie producer for a day.


Location FIlms - The Penarvor
Sell the lifestyle as well as the homes you’re building

If your property is in a particularly impressive spot, a location film is an engaging, impactful way to show this off.

You’re also selling the lifestyle. Because before most people move, especially if they’re relocating, they will be trying to picture what living in the local area is going to be like.

From a sales standpoint, it’s great if you can make this as easy as possible for them. Don’t make your potential buyers’ imaginations work too hard.



Location Films - Townsend House

Show them the nearby surf club. Display the awesome local beaches in compelling shots. Include the incredible National Park five minutes’ drive away.

Your location film fills in mental blanks and adds an important element to your marketing package. It takes the point of view outside of your development rather than being internally focussed – that’s what your CGIs, virtual tours, and animations are for – and creates a real sense of connection with the local area.



Build your brand and audience – before you launch

Use your location film to build your brand and cultivate a ready-to-buy audience on social media. It’s a great introduction to your development location and who you are. Even if you haven’t yet had CGIs built, you can still use your film to start generating social media traction.

Your film will also be great content for the home page of your development or company website. Not only does Google positively love video content, making this great for your SEO, a location film is also the perfect finish to a marketing package that already has your other bases covered.

Plus, because it’s all part of the same package, everything is linked by the same evocative, consistent branding and message, selling who you are and the image you’re building for your development.



How do we produce your location film?

We work with a film-making specialist. They shoot high-quality cinematic footage using drones. The process works like this:

  1. Start with a consultation – name-check all the local USPs you want to cover in your location film. The natural beauty of the area? Sights? Adventure opportunities? Events? We’ll make sure they’re featured.
  2. Add your development (even if it doesn’t exist yet) – we can use the still and montage CGIs you’ve had created to the actual footage of the local area. No need for buyers to imagine how their new home will look – they can see for themselves.
  3. Have social edits created – we can build 30-second social edits for social media platforms or full minute-and-a-half location videos.



It’s worth noting that as well as adding things to your location film in the form of CGIs of your development, we can take elements away.

Is there a lot of scaffolding up around the building you’re in the process of redeveloping? Are there unsightly parts of the site that won’t be there when it’s finished?

Have these polished out of the film so potential buyers can really see what they’re getting.



Location Films - Penarvor
Provide context and fill in the blanks

A location film is superb outreach material, showcasing the lifestyle potential buyers could soon be living if they’re not based locally. It’s also a great social media interaction generator and marketing tool. Perfect for multiple social media platforms as well as your website.

If you’re a developer specialising in a certain region, it’s an investment for the future too. You can easily re-use some of the footage for other developments in the same area.

But perhaps most importantly, your location film brings another angle to your marketing package. Where other elements illuminate the inside of your development, your location film goes outside and widens the scope.

Because, to a buyer, unknowns can get in the way of a potential sale. And location is key. Use your location film to help them form a complete mental image, picturing themselves living happily in your development placed in the wider local area from day one.



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