Over the last few years, there has been a lot of chatter in the press about businesses trying to make the workplace healthier, more comfortable, and happier for staff. We’ve all heard about the likes of Google and Facebook having fresh fruit delivered, time-out spaces available to relax in, and, in some cases, even slides in the office.

This isn’t new for us at Archilime. We understand that happy staff make much better work. For this reason, we wanted to invite you into our office so you can see for yourself how our core values seep into every part of our business at Archilime.


Our space

Our office is based in the lovely town of Buckfastleigh in rural South Devon, which means we’re always surrounded by the countryside and the elements. As creatives, being in the depths of nature helps to inspire us.

We want our team to want to be in the office so we make every effort to make work life exciting, stimulating and healthy. We make sure everyone is hydrated so they can concentrate throughout the day by ensuring their water bottles are topped up with ice-cold water and can enjoy a nice caffeinated drink when energy levels start to flag – our coffee is bought from our local independent suppliers in Ashburton, just down the road. We have a bright lounge with a pool table for the team to relax and unwind in, or even work from if they need a change of scenery. It’s amazing how the ideas can flow when you’re shooting pool.



Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve with the technology that we use is an essential part of our team’s work-based happiness. Being able to use innovative tech and create better end-products for our clients inspires us, challenges us, and gives us the opportunity to constantly learn more and more about the industry we work in.

Clients are always welcome to drop in and chat with us about our work. You can see for yourself that everything is created in-house and never outsourced, learn all about this exciting and ever-evolving industry, and see how dedicated we are in everything that we do.


We’re not a regular office, we’re a fun office

We work as a team and for this reason, teamwork is our strongest asset as a business. It means that we look out for each other, making sure everything we create is delivered on time, of the highest quality, and we ensure that you receive honest, accurate and transparent quotes.

But team building doesn’t have to be stagnated and dull. We make sure that we bond as people every month in a variety of fun work days out, from Go Karting to crime solving at escape rooms. We also nourish each other and relax as a team with an occasional cocktail or good ol’ pub lunch. We don’t live boring lives at work.


Loving what we do

As Mark Twain wrote in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Despite it sounding like one of those motivational memes shared widely on social media, it does make a valid point. For us, it’s true.

Every one of us at Archilime is passionate about what we do, in fact, we love what we do. Our core values aren’t just marketing speak, we actually live by them because we know they work for our clients, and for us.

At Archilime we get to use the newest technology and relay that information to our clients, showing them exactly what they can achieve when we equally imagine the space. Because we know the possibilities of the technology, we’ll never settle for anything below perfection and our work is always on time (and if we can’t, we let you know when).


Let us help you

If you are in the middle of a development and need high-quality animation, which enables you to sell from, advertise from and get a better idea of what you’re working on, then contact us today.

Or, just pop into our office for a coffee and a chat!