This month we are celebrating the fantastic achievements of our very own James who has now become a Associate Creative here at Archilime! James started with us last November straight out of Bristol University where he studied Interior Architecture. He joined us as a Junior Creative with an abundance of enthusiasm and drive to learn, which has stayed with him ever since. This month we are proud to Announce that James is now an Associate Creative. James has produced some excellent artwork since being with us and his ability to perfectly emulate organic assets into our model spaces is a testament to his fantastic work ethic!

James has made some fantastic memories since joining us. One particular day comes to mind especially! It was our 2017 Christmas party. We had decided on Go-Karting and Buggying. When we turned up James realised that he had forgotten his waterproofs back at the office and had to take on the extremely muddy assault course in chinos and suede shoes! To say that he got caked in Mud is an understatement! James was on to win the race until a questionable Marshalling decision and a last lap crash resulted in him coming in at fourth place. Im sure that he has completely forgotten about it “hmm hmm” !!

Well Done James, we are all incredibly impressed at your growth in the last 12 months!  

The Archilime Team!