More than simple ‘playing house,’ interior design is an intensely creative practice that fuses both physical and emotional elements. Drawing on elements of structural architecture, environmental psychology and physical aesthetics, interior designers strategically shape the way users experience a space. The end goal is to create environments that meet the needs of users in such a way that they don’t even realise the space is serving a purpose.

Whether it’s a family living room, a hotel lobby or a retail store, the importance of a well-considered interior design strategy is paramount. Here’s why:

Spotlighting functionality

As much as IKEA is considered the Volvo of furniture retailers, there’s no denying that they know a thing or two about designing functional spaces. Even I can’t help but be impressed when I wander through their tiny 40 square metre apartments and see them functioning as ‘spacious’ family homes. The only way to achieve such flawless functionality is to design with a seriously savvy functionality plan on-side. Even in large areas, an understanding of how to optimise the way in which spaces are used can make all the difference.

Aesthetics on interior design

At its core, interior design is intrinsically linked to aesthetic appeal. Well-designed spaces should always keep visuals close to mind, as things like colour, textiles and furniture style can have a marked impact on the overall feel of a space, and the influence it has on a user’s mood.

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Interior Design Strategy

Lifestyle architecture

While the term ‘lifestyle’ is used here, I’m not exclusively referring to living spaces. This particular strand of importance emphasises the idea that interior design should always orbit around how spaces are intended to be used. For example, when putting together interior design ideas for a new boutique bar, the focus is going to be on creating a space that’s stylish and elegant, yet robust enough to withstand a constant flow of nightlife.

A bespoke approach

Every space is different, and I’m not just referring to physical characteristics like walls, windows, doors and angles. A major part of the interior design process is delving deep into the needs of a space’s users, and tailoring your approach to align with your findings.

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Bespoke Interior Design

Staying on budget

It’s all too easy to get carried away when dreaming up interior design plans. That’s why a clear cut budget is an absolute must. A little number crunching will help you to prioritise expenses, and ensure that you pull of a polished and professional project, without running out of cash or time halfway through.

Far too often, I see the actual architecture of a building steal every inch of the spotlight. Yes, structural features are all-important, but the importance of strategic interior design should never be overlooked. Interior design is the icing to the cake, and plays an integral role in finalising the concept, complementing structural architecture and ensuring that the space functions as it was intended.

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