At Archilime, we are well known for producing stunning, photo-real 3D architectural CGIs of property development designs. Did you know we also have a growing niche in interior design?

Our Senior Creative Dan Stone has pioneered a new technique for using colour swatches to design bespoke interiors for a property that has not even been built yet, based on just a few sample images provided by the client.

Designing the look and feel of an interior space can be a lengthy process, but Dan has found a way to automate and streamline this process, avoiding the need for drawn out consultation back and forth. This speeds up the CGI production workflow and means that clients get the look and feel they want for their interior images without spending extra time signing off colour palettes or individual furniture items.

The process begins when the client provides us with a few precedent images to work from for designing the interior. These are then run through filters in PhotoShop to simplify the tones, allowing our creatives to select 4 or 5 levels to work with. Furniture items will be selected to match the design style of client precedents and then textured with primary and accent tones from the colour swatch.

Dan tells us “I needed a way to generate a colour swatch from only a few images with little to no input on colour. I used to ‘colour pick’ from precedent images, but no one pixel was the same colour! I realised I needed to take simplified average colours and whittle them down to 4 or 5 tones. Using the PhotoShop filter was the obvious choice!”

Using this unique process the team are now able to isolate specific colours from otherwise complex images, and to take human bias out of the colour swatching equation by using tried and tested intuitive colour recognition software.

This method is particularly useful for efficiently and accurately producing a sophisticated interior design scheme when the final look and feel has not yet been formulated, such as in the early conceptual stages of a property development. The interior design we create stays true to the textures and tones of the overall scheme without requiring a series of detail sign offs from the client to get there.

Drop us a line today to discuss how we can help bring your property design to life through CGI imagery, enhanced with our unique interior design processes.