As an interior designer, I believe that it is absolutely vital to have a transparent and collaborative working relationship with our clients. This ensures that I am able to fully establish a client’s needs, working closely with them through all stages of the interior design process, and offering advice, guidance and inspiration where needed. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients to enable them to bring their visions to life, this is created by designing mood boards and careful planning and consideration of colour schemes, furnishings, fabrics and lighting. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than our clients needs being fully met with the final product we produce Lianne Currah – In-house interior designer

Collaboration is a vital part of what we do at Archilime

It means we can bounce ideas and inspiration off one another, and share our in-depth knowledge on what we think will work. The really great thing is that through this collaboration, we can help you in extra ways you might not have even considered yet, such as interior design.

Imagining beautiful interiors before a single brick is laid

Interior design is a multifaceted practice: it takes into account how each room is meant to function for those using it, the feelings you want people to have about the space, how it physically looks, and how all three of these areas blend into one another seamlessly. This can be achieved with the intelligent use of colours, textures and lighting, the placement of furniture and how they sit in the environment, and what the aesthetic inspirations for the design are and how they come across. An experienced interior designer will be able to create a space that unites your aesthetic visions with the architecture and the functionality of each room.

But why is it important that you consider the interior design before your build is complete? Looking at the things that inspire you or your potential clients, such as colour swatches and styles, means that you’re able to plan much more efficiently and provide realistic examples of what the space will look and feel like. It will also enable you to consider your budget and ensure that you are working within these guidelines.

How people use spaces is an important factor when you plan a residential, regeneration and property development project: if you’re building a restaurant you might want to think about how people manoeuvre around the main busy space and how this will affect productivity, or if you’re building a family home you might want to consider whether the family will need a buzzing open-plan living and dining area, or perhaps a separate and calming dining room. It’s about giving you clarity.

Let us inspire you

Keeping this in-house has many benefits. If we’ve already worked on CGI for your proposal then we’ll have the knowledge and experience of your project, what you want from the space, and most importantly, a collaborative working relationship with you. An in-house interior designer will make sure everything is right from the very start. At Archilime, our interior designer will take the time to establish your individual needs and requirements, and make sure they are met through careful planning and design mood boards for you to consider. Once you’ve decided on the mood board that suits you best, we bring this to life which allows us to ensure that your original brief is reflected. We’ll work closely with you throughout the project and offer professional advice and guidance on all aspects of your design, including colour schemes, hard and soft furnishes such as flooring, wall coverings, carpets and fabric. We will also source furniture pieces to match your chosen style whether it be contemporary or traditional. As a team, we find it very rewarding when we bring your visions to life and we understand that there are real emotions behind these projects. When you stay in-house with our other bespoke interior design services, we can show you just how much we care about your project with the motivation to see the space as a whole completed vision.