Full Development Visualisation

Imagine being able to view a property development in its entirety, internally and externally, whether it’s an array of houses or an apartment block, before a single brick is laid? With Archilime’s 3D Interactive Site Map you can do just that. It is a world away from the more rudimentary 2D architectural drawings that have had to be relied on in the past when selling developments off-plan. This Site Map brings the vision of the development to life, to engage the potential buyer and allow them to see which properties are available, under offer or for sale by simply hovering over and selecting a property. Using the Plot Selector, by clicking on a property that interests you, you are transported into it via Interior CGIs, Exterior CGIs, Panoramics, property tours and floor plans, as well as a whole range of information specific to that property and plot.

Removing Barriers

There can be barriers for potential buyers when it comes to buying off-plan. These can include being unable to visualise the completed property, and being unsure how they think their property might fit in with the rest of the development and landscape. Our Plot Selector takes away these worries, as buyers can use it to have a complete tour of their new home before the build has even commenced. They are able to see the entire site space, and can imagine their lifestyle living there. Being able to see features such as garden size and which way it faces is important to buyers, which isn’t usually accessible: until now.

Interactive Plot Selector

A web-based interactive application designed to be embedded into any website page through a snippet of short coding that we will design and upload for you, the Interactive Plot Selector will enable you to interact with the app on one containable URL link. Your entire marketing package will be stored in one place for your visitors to navigate through, with ease, plot by plot: over an entire development. This web-app can be presented to people through a variety of marketing channels. Whether you choose mailshots, ad campaigns or private emails, your potential buyers will arrive at this page and see your entire 3D Interactive Site Map fully supported with an abundance of other information about your development. Furthermore, the interactive plot selector is compatible with any mobile device including a laptop or PC.

Total Access in one Link

The main advantage of the Interactive Site Map is that everything can be accessed on one link. For ease of use, there is a Client Log-in with a customised user interface that can be edited by the client at no extra cost. There is one upfront cost for building the interface, but after that the site can be revised and adapted at a significantly lower cost. The Plot Selector works across the whole Development Industry, from Developers to Estate Agents, and with buyers being able to view properties digitally in the comfort of their own home it becomes more profitable due to the lack of manpower needed. It offers you a fantastic platform, where every imaginable piece of information is in one simple location on a customisable app that can be shared and amended as you wish.

Find out more about the Archilime 3D Interactive Site Map here: INTERACTIVE SITE MAP

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