Keeping local expertise at the heart: How our in-house CGI experts provide quality assurance and ongoing support for our client..

When a client commissions 3D architectural visualisations to support off plan sales of their property design, they rely heavily on the quality of our CGI images to portray realism and accuracy. These images are created to convey the high standard of finish that the buyer can expect to see in the completed ‘bricks and mortar’, and it is on the basis of these images that a buyer will invest in a property. Our clients trust us to deliver their brief at the highest level of accuracy and quality, on budget and on time, elements that are notoriously difficult to put in one basket.

As a boutique architectural visualisation agency with a specialist team of CGI artists and texture lighting technicians in house, we don’t rely on anyone but ourselves to create quality work for our clients. The buck stops with us and there are no remote subcontractors or faceless bulk suppliers involved in the process. This means that every piece of work is traceable, fully amendable and that our clients can speak directly with the person who is creating their images at any time during the process.

After an initial commission, there may be a need for tweaks to the design, a further round of images to be commissioned for the property, or for further property developments to be brought to market. In this case, our ongoing relationship and prior knowledge of the design preferences, target audience and material specs for the work allow for economies of scale over time, as we build on a foundation of shared understanding.

Outsourcing CGI has become increasingly common in our industry and some argue that there is much to be gained by working in this way, but from our perspective there is much that can be lost. If our client has a query or a request for some amendments, it could take 4-5 days passing on amendment instructions through 2-3 different parties. Our in house team can resolve such an issue with a single hour-long meeting face to face no matter where the client may be, and that is exactly what we do. We remove the potential risk of Chinese whispers and deal with matters directly and we get it right.

From an industry perspective, there is a risk that if all CGI firms started outsourcing then costs would be driven down and profit margins would become tighter and tighter. This would ultimately force companies across the board to reduce the quality of their artwork to compete on price, ending up with cheap, generic quality CGI becoming standard for marketing material across the board.

If outsourcing CGI becomes the norm for UK design agencies, specialist local expertise will be lost and local employment opportunities taken away. This is why we stand by our principals of executing 100% of our CGI work for clients in-house. We continue to invest in local talent and our clients can call into the office to meet us and discuss a project in person at any time during or after the process where ever they want. We believe this provides an important assurance factor needed for our clients’ peace of mind when they are considering major spend on marketing materials.

Drop us a line or pop into the office today to discuss CGI imagery for your property development, after all we are just on your doorstep and always glad to talk in person or on the phone.