Last month we celebrated Dom’s promotion to our new Lead VFX & VR Specialist.

Dom joined us back in November 2017 and has naturally progressed from an Associate Creative to the new and exciting role he now owns. Dom is a vital cog in the Archilime machine and his passion for all things technology is why he is in the position he is today! Well Done Dom!!!

Dom has always had a passion for exploring new technologies and making them relevant to our industry. His decision to innovate into real-time technologies and VR is shaping the direction Archilime is going in. Dom’s exciting new role owns two aspects. The first is primarily a specialisation in the field of dynamic CGI. This can come in many forms, the most common being animation, real-time interactive scenes (gaming environments) and VR. The second part of Doms new title covers the more general area of innovating in the category of technology. With this, it keeps us on the edge of what is possible whilst also exploring how we can do more established tasks in different ways. Its a dual pronged approach focusing on what’s new and also what we can take from legacy technologies that we have not utilised in the past.

Doms new role explores the innovative ways to sell our services as well as creating and maximising value from our existing skill sets. One of the really fascinating ways Dom looks at techniques, is from a problem solving point of view. This means that he looks at the problem that has come to light, and works out how to solve it no matter how, as opposed to looking to solve problems from a fixed workflow or set of capabilities.

When we asked Dom how he solidifies clients’ 3D design development and how he shows them the “underside”of the business in terms of workflow and not just the end project, this was his response.

“I guess I have always looked for new potential to add value from our existing processes. At the end of the day it is the process that materialises into the final piece and there is an importance in conveying this workflow to clients whilst exploring ways in which it can add more value to their own specific needs”

2019 looks like it’s holding up to be an exciting year and Dom is taking his new role and taking it by the horns. What he envisages for the year ahead is to produce a large scale development in VR, compositing models over aerial footage from drones, pushing 3d3 to its full potential, the release of Oculus Quest, taking a holiday and visiting his Nan!!

Overall we are incredibly proud of you Dom, keep doing what you’re doing! Well Done!

Love The Archilime Team