We’re delighted to announce our new signing and welcome Dominic Cox to the Archilime team. We thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce Dominic, let you know a bit about his background, experience & what makes him tick. So without further ado…

So, what brings you to Archilime Dominic? Tell us the story of your journey to here.

A recent change in circumstance provoked a much welcomed sabbatical. After a month or so of soul searching, I decided that architectural CGI and modelling was what I enjoyed most whilst working in architecture. As a coincidence my partner was in the process moving to Torbay, so whilst hunting for professionals in the area I stumbled across Archilime. It turned out they were hiring and, well, the rest is history.

What excites you about joining Archilime at this time?

The two things I found most impressive was the calibre of work and the creative working environment in the studio. Jack’s ethos and vision for the business was paramount in my decision to join Archilime. I am most excited about picking up new skill sets and focusing my work in an area that I truly enjoy.

What’s your individual superpower that you bring to the table?

I’d like to think my professional experience in architecture and high profile client management will be invaluable to the team.

I can be quite particular which isn’t always a good thing when working to deadlines however in this line of work detail is integral to achieving a high quality of work“.

Where do you see the company in five years time? What will your day be like in five years time and what will you be working on?

I’d love to see the company continue along the same track. Jack’s ambition and Dan’s commitment have been instrumental to the company’s success as well as its exponential growth. I’m sure, due to this, Archilime will continue to grow in size and stature. In five years time, I hope that we will be working on projects that challenge us creatively and usher an even higher calibre of work.

What’s your favourite kind of project to work on? Describe your ideal brief…

Freedom. Creative freedom is the icing on any design related cake. Ambitious projects and those that present a real challenge are the projects that reward the highest level of satisfaction upon completion and arguably it’s that satisfaction that drives us.



I hope you will join us in welcoming Dom – Please feel free to drop him an introductory email to

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