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Providing potential buyers with the dream opportunity

Designing a marketing package for a development is a full rounded approach, building a reputation, communicating values and selling an aspiring lifestyle.

We did this for a new development in Blackawton, South Devon. Our full marketing suite included designing the development branding, a brochure where we conveyed this brand and a website which hosted all the other visualisation materials – animation, location film and CGIs. Every element helps tell the developments; story – moreover, the lifestyle a buyer could have.


Greenslade Logo - Marketing Package
The face of your brand

Greenslade is set in the rolling hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty, so this is what we focused on in the composition of the CGIs and the location film especially.

The design of the logo was the beginning of the story, created from getting to know our clients Ashman developments, and their vision. We researched nearby developments, competitors’ logos and also other brands that communicated a logo which represented their landscape well. The outcome was a square icon which was a window into graphic curved shapes in block colours representing the rolling hills. These are so characteristic of the location, view and lifestyle that it was the central theme we chose to represent within this marketing package. 


Greenslade Brochure - Marketing Package
Print or digital. Make it accessible.

A brochure extended this story, with each turn of a page the curved graphic element contains images and copy speaking of the home’s situation, paired with the exterior CGIs showcasing the detached houses with their accompanying  private paddocks, private parking, terrace and garages. 

A landing page website design was created to kickstart interest, with a digital downloadable brochure to view the whole marketing package.


Take potential buyers on a journey

All these design elements, work together with the visualisations (CGIs, animations) to tell the same story – a lifestyle that is created by the location (seen in the location film), idyllic houses represented in the exterior and interior CGIs and animation, all wrapped up into the development name and brand which is recognisable and tangible. The copy of the brochure walks a potential buyer through the dream on offer, the specification and information about what to do next… (What’s left to think about?!)


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